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My Parents' Basement 1 year anniversary beer bash

 August 12th, My Parents' Basement turns 1 year old, and what do you do when you turn 1, you drink alot. Got some good beers lined up and hope you can come on out and celebrate with us, and everything will be tapped and ready to go at 11am when we open. 

Heres a handful of the beers that are gonna be tapped that day, and im trying to secure a few other special things: 

Prairie Birthday Bomb (it is out birthday, so why not) 

Stone 2015 depth charged Espresso Double Bastard, 

Lost Abbey Cuvve de Tomme, 

Wicked Weed Marina and Old Fashioned, 

Westbrook Lemon Coconut Weisse Weisse Baby, 

Allagash 16 Counties, 

Rodenbach Alexander, 

The Bruery Quadrupel Tonnellerie and Gypsy Tart, 

Verzet Oud Bruin, 

Evil Twin Liquid Fudge, 

Victory Tart Ten, 

Blackberry Farms Cuvve Dry Hopped, 

Creature Comforts Tritonia and Paradiso, 

Cherry Street Barrel Aged Coconut Porter, 

Three Taverns Cucumber Basil Sour Asylum and Heavy Bells, 

Red Brick Hype Whale,

thats about it but there might be some other surprises, hope you can come out a drink a watermelon wheat beer with me, cheers Timmy J